Sacred Heart Catholic Church 110 West Fourth Ave. Williamson, WV 25661 (304) 235-3027
Dear Friends of Sacred Heart Parish,

Greetings from Fr. Symeon Galazka, OSB Oliv., Parish Administrator since June 1, 2013.  As you can see, it
is already eight months since my arrival to Williamson, WV and right now we are at the stage of relaunching
our website with the help of a few gifted parishioners, particularly Donald and Melissa Lecik.  Great thanks.

As a Benedictine monk who came to you from a monastery in Pecos, NM, I have found your/our Sacred
Heart parish community most welcoming and gracious to be with. These are still the early stages of our
time with each other, but I can already say and hope that with the potential and kindness that I
encountered in you, there will be many opportunities to build together something meaningful and pleasing
to God.

I believe that the word "together" is crucial for what we can achieve as faithful and vibrant witnesses of
our Catholic faith.  Because Sacred Heart is a rather small parish, therefore, everyone is important and
welcome to bring their ideas and share their gifts.  I am convinced that it will be largely because of your
involvement that we'll be able not only to continue what you've already become but that we'll be able to
reach out to others and grow in our desire to always better serve God.

Yours in the Lord Jesus Christ,

Fr. Symeon
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Williamson, WV